This is what I have in the works for my 2008 show:

(I will update this page as I move along.)

  • The wireframe Holly & Berries are a go!
  • 10 mini trees will be a go!  I got the first two frames done, only 8 more to go!
  • A new display layout...still working on this!
  • Adding more songs to my playlist, ideally I would like to have enough songs so that I can have a groups and play different groups on different days.
  • Of course, attending Mini Events...I have so much to learn! I will be attending the Light Up Ohio Mini in May -  the TCL Workshop in July and the Chicagoland Mini at the end of summer, if any of you are going to either one of these events... I will see you there!
  • My after Christmas (sale) purchases have brought my light count from 13,900 to 38,920 and I plan on getting 48 more channels. So I do have my work cut for this season!!!
  • The "Believe" wireframe sign is a go!
  • 48 more channels, for a total of 88 channels
  • An addition of 25,020 lights

    Ok, I got the 10 mini tree's made up. Now all I have to do, is paint them and then string the lights. Then they will be done!

  • The mini tree's are still in process, I will post more pictures as I get them done.

  • My mini trees are now done! The pictures aren't the greatest, but here they are...

  • I will have 6 flood lights in my display this year, and the holders have these plastic stakes, which I didn't think would work to well, so I made a couple of really crude frames to mount the floods on. They are very simple and will raise my lights off the ground by one foot. They aren't painted yet, but thought I would post the some pictures. I was not to worried about the way they look, since they will be pretty much, hidden from view.

    I am also working on window frames for my front windows. Like the flood frames my window frames are crude looking, but when finished, they won't be very noticable. They will have blue, green & red mini lights attached to them. So here are some pictures. When they are done, I will post the finished product so that everyone can see.
    The window frames are now finished!

    Just an update... most of the big stuff like the controllers & props are now completed and I still need to post pictures for the wire-frame sign. So now it's time to get busy on sequencing!

    Also, I have been making little advancements in getting ready for the season, with a few more dedicated circuits, deciding extension cord layout, making cat 5 cables... just some of the little things that need to be done.

    So for this year, I will have 88 channels of computer control and approximately 30,000 lights.