Due to numerous problems, setbacks and circumstances beyond my control, I am canceling my light show for 2009.

My plan now is to focus on addressing all the current issues and get them resolved for 2010.


For 2009, I have some changes for my display and I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised!

So stay tuned......

I have some new items for this year's display, and they are coming along. Although a little slower then I would like, but with any luck, they will be ready to go, come show time!


~2009 Events~

The Ohio Mini - Light Up Ohio - May 16th, 2009

in Columbus, Ohio

Indiana Christmas Enthusiasts - ICE

July 11th, 2009

PLUS2009 has been canceled, but there is a mini event

called re-PLUS and will be held in

Louisville, KY  7/31 - 8/2.