As most of you now know, I had to cancel my 2009 light show, but I am already working on my show for 2010!

... and if I may so...

I have one hell of a show planned - bigger & better then what I had back in 2008 - over 200 channels of computer control & roughly 40,000 lights!

So stay tuned for more updates...


Special Note:

Due to company down-sizing, I was cut from my job today (3-11-10), so I'm currently unemployed. As of now, I am still planning on having my show for this year, but the possibility is there that I might have to cancel it again. 


The prospects of putting on my show for 2010, are not looking to promising right now... I may have to cancel it for this year.


Update: As it stands right now, the plan is to have the show. Right now it looks like I should be able to do it.


Barring anything unforseen, my show is on for this year.


I am running behind on getting my show going and I hope to have the lights on by Dec. 4th at the lastest.