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swope family (dyingtohavefun@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 13 Dec 2014 08:55:18 PM EST
Subject:light show

Hello neighbor! I did Not realize how famous u were for ur lights and I just wanted to say you're doing a great job. My girls get to see the lights everytime we come and go at night and they love them! Is your channel 96.7fm? I can't find it on your site but saw it on the news herald website from 2011. Thanks so much and have a safe and Happy holiday! :)


jerod (jtcunni2006@yahoo.com)
Date:Tue 25 Dec 2012 09:10:40 PM EST
Subject:thank you FOR HOW UR WORK HELPS

i saw ur lights for the first time in 2011 and i saw them again this year 2012. this year i brought friends of mint opening night who wernt in the holiday spirit and it actually got them in the spirit and i told some others about it and they to said that after they saw it it made them get more in the spirit of xmas SO THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION TO THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!!!!


stacy (lynn6972@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 08 Dec 2012 09:03:02 PM EST

Thank you we sow ur display tonight my two year old loved the santa in the window he was waving and laughing it a very good light show

Thanks again
Stacy,Rick and Blake


Bart Millard (bgz@windstream.net)
Date:Thu 16 Aug 2012 04:43:07 PM EDT
Subject:light o rama

i've been using lor for 6 yrs. i'm in ashtabula i did'nt know anyone else local was doing this .i'm interested in sharing ideas,sequences etc. if your interested e-mail me . Thanks.......


jim caldwell (squireslot@hotmail.com)
Date:Sat 24 Dec 2011 05:56:25 PM EST
Subject:x-mas lights and such

going to go see your show tonight. looks awesome in the video! miss you at work but its good to know that you got another one. drop me a line sometime!


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